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Drops of God: Creating your Ambrosia

Join Blue and Goutte in the marvelous world of Drops of God, where the art of winemaking is elevated to a symphony of flavors and emotions while you Create your Ambrosia, the wine of God.

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In Drops of God you will experience the full control of a winery in Burgundy, France. You'll delve into the intricate processes of vine cultivation, fermentation, and aging, guided by the wisdom of legendary vintners and the enigmatic teachings of the manga's iconic characters. Master the delicate balance of terroir, grape varieties, and meticulous craftsmanship to create wines that will captivate the palates of discerning connoisseurs. Challenge yourself in a series of wine competitions, where your ability to discern subtle nuances and articulate the essence of your creations will determine your success. Visit the little village and talk with all the main story characters to unlock the secrets behind these elusive wines, learning the stories and techniques behind their creation, to achieve your latest goal and create your Ambrosia, the ultimate wine of God. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Drops of God and discover the profound connection between winemaking and human emotion. Craft your own wine empire from the ground up: in this immersive and realistic winemaking simulator, you'll cultivate grapes, oversee vineyard operations, master winemaking techniques, and build a thriving wine business. Choose your grape varieties wisely: analyze the soil and select the grape varieties that best suit your terroir, ensuring optimal crop yields and high-quality wines. Nurture your vines from seedling to harvest: organize vineyard tasks like pruning, mulching, and disease control to ensure your vines thrive and produce exceptional grapes. Monitor grape ripeness and harvest at the peak: regularly check the ripeness of your grapes and harvest them at the optimal moment for maximum flavor and aroma development. Master the art of fermentation and aging: select the appropriate yeasts and bacteria for fermentation, and meticulously control the aging process to create wines that captivate the palate. Customize your wines with style and elegance: choose the shape, color, and other aesthetic characteristics of your wine bottles to reflect the unique personality of your brand. Wander the charming village and engage with its residents, uncovering hidden winemaking knowledge and forging lasting friendships.




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